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Time tracking

Tracking time was never simpler - start tracking with a single click, pause, and continue whenever you like.


Quickly generate and customize reports to achieve real-time information about the projects you manage.


Create and manage projects with ease. See your project member’s daily activities at a glance, and get valuable insights to improve your organization’s workflow.


Connect with Slack! Don’t waste your time switching between apps. Track time directly from Slack.

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Time tracking

Stop wasting your time on time tracking! Use our handy timer or fill your timesheets afterward. Focus on your work, and we will do the rest.

Start tracking time now
A time tracking form that allows you to start tracking time for selected project and with a custom title.


Timesheets help you see what your employees are actually working on and how long they are working throughout the day. They provide you insight into project effectiveness. Tracking working hours will make invoicing much more accurate.

Add time manually by completing the work schedule and see the work done during the week at a glance. Enter the time in a format that is convenient for you.

Start filling out timesheets today
A timesheet that allows you to add time manually for selected projects.


Use simple, weekly, and monthly time reports for invoicing and payments. For advanced needs, there are custom reports with unlimited slicing and dicing features.

Download reports in Excel format. Print your reports directly or share them with your clients or your HR team.

Watch how your company changes and develops. Leave the calculations to us!

Create your first report
Monthly report showing employees, their reported time, rates and a summary of costs and revenues.

Project management

Take control of your team’s work time. It’s just a moment!

Assign team members to projects so that they can report their time. It will allow you to organize your work and have everything under control.

Record the time spent on individual projects and efficiently conduct cost analysis in your company, increasing productivity.

Manage your projects
Project view with the project edit form and assigned employees.

Time rounding

Is the reported working time of employees not rounded off?

Turn on time rounding, which you can fully customize. Reporting, invoice settlement, and payments will be comfortable than ever before.

Turn on time rounding now
A report with time rounding enabled, showing rounded values for tracked hours.

Multi-currency support

Do you settle accounts with customers in a currency other than your employees?

Control what you spend money on and make money on your projects, even if they are projects with multiple currencies.

Manage payments in multiple currencies
A monthly report showing employees in the project and their worked hours and rates consisting of several currencies.

Temporal cost and revenue rates

The hourly rates changed? Don’t lose such important information!

Each rate is defined in a given period, which allows for correct settlement even in previous periods. You can control costs and revenues based on your employee’s time devoted to the tasks.

Get your revenue and cost under control
Temporal cost and revenue rates on a timeline showing historical changes in cost rates.

Custom subdomain

Work in your own company domain - we will assign your chosen address under the domain for free.Claim your domain now
A custom domain form that allows you to choose your own domain name.

Slack integration

Do you use Slack to communicate in your company? And your employees don’t want to waste time logging in to start and finish work?

We use Slack every day, and we found a convenient way of tracking working time with two simple commands.

Integrate into your Slack workspace
A view from Slack showing /time-tracking command of right in the app.

Browser extension

Stay focused and avoid context switched by using a Chrome extension right in your browser.

Every’s feature is under your fingertips.

Get the Chrome extension
A browser extension for Chrome that shows the chart of goals and time tracking feature. apps

Available for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.

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Ratings and Reviews

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Rick Hurt, 2023-02-06
As a professional IT consultant, I use this app every day. It helps me accurately track my billable hours across all my devices (Android, Windows, iOS). It has a clean interface and all the features I need. I highly recommend to anyone needing to keep diligent time keeping.
#1justinfan, 2023-01-23
Great App
Wonderful app for keeping track of freelance projects. Would like the reporting to be a bit better but I can live with it.
Paul, 2023-01-02
Good App - Could Be Great
It’s easy to use, but I think the reporting features could be better
IK_2, 2022-10-25
A very helpful app
RereyOrtiz, 2022-04-25
Excellent tool
This app has incredibly helped me to keep track of all the projects I work on. You can add multiple projects and stop or restart any that you might need. I only have two issues, sometimes it doesn’t load when I press it so I have to close it and reload it again but it takes like 3 secs and I can’t add notes to it. Other than that it has been the best I have found so far and completely free! No ads
Jake, 2022-03-11
Great app but contains minor bugs
I recently went from a job in academia to a private consultant where I have to track my time across billable projects. Coming from academia, where you don’t typically track your time so closely, I found it a huge challenge to adjust. I constantly found myself neglecting to track my time and completely forgetting what I had worked on all week. This app saved my life. It makes it so easy to track your workday at the push of a button. However, the app contains minor bugs which, though annoying, do not prevent the app from being a productive tool. The most annoying bug is that sometimes the app will not allow you to stop the timer and switch to another project which usually requires restarting your computer, not just the app, to correct. More customizations for the types of statistics you want to see on the dashboard would be nice too.
Aleksander B., 2022-02-22
Best time tracking software for teams
It’s Free :) easy to add team members and start tracking! Nothing to dislike, it’s simple and makes the job done! Just give it a try. It has all you might need from a time tracking software, and if not - well - It’s Free! ;) Time tracking for teams.
Verified Reviewer, 2022-02-08
Using this tool to track how long a project takes
Just started using it a few weeks ago and loved it. Easy to use. It’s seamless to start tracking the time. Great app! I haven’t seen anything better than this.
مرتضى محمد رحيم, 2022-01-16
Marcin Opas, 2021-05-04
Simple, friendly and sooooo useful!
Mariusz M., 2020-11-30
A great tool for any company
What I like the most about is the ability to integrate with Slack. Easy-to-use functions to facilitate your daily work. I have not encountered any major problems in the application that would prevent me from working. The wide range of parameters in the reports can make it difficult to work with the tool at the beginning. Simple to use and helpful in project management and resource allocation. Simple payment rules for small businesses. collects the time spent on my projects or clients in one place and helps me create an hourly report. Moreover, it is giving me the possibility to set individual project/client rates and generate reports. Based on that, I got rid of the extra work of filling in Excel sheets.
Marek R., 2020-11-26
No more Excel for time reporting
Simplicity - just select project and hit “Start tracking”. When you have finished your work - hit “Stop tracking”. Simple as that. The feature I like the best is starting tracking of the task I was working on earlier. I fill needed data only once and then I can start and stop tracking it whenever I need. I like also the possibility to work on mobile and in desktop application - I don’t need to have browser tab with open all the time. Creating reports is a little bit tricky but after a few tries you can get what you need. It is pretty powerful customizer. I recommend to everyone who wants to better control their time and like playing with data in reports. It helps me in creating monthly invoice. With reports I can see how many hours did I work for selected period of time. I can also check which project took the most of my time with just few clicks.
Przemysław Z., 2020-11-26
Time tracker that doesn’t waste your time
I can start and stop time tracking with a single click - I don’t waste my time bookkeeping and I can keep my mind focused on doing my job. I’ve pinned the desktop app so when I turn on my computer and start work, I just launch the tracker from the system tray. Easy peasy! When we were still working from the office (pre-COVID times), the mobile app came in handy - I just stopped time tracking while leaving the office, having the notebook already in my backpack. When I prepare invoices for my clients, I use the reports feature with some custom made reports that help me to bill my clients precisely. I can see now how much I have to work daily, weekly, and monthly. No more unexpected over hours! Some time ago, my client required me to fill Excel-based timesheets... It was a pain to fill them daily and then resolve issues at the end of the month... And even it wasn’t accurate. I would never go back to manual time tracking. Sandtime lifts the burden from me. I love it! I have no major issues with the app. I would like it to focus more on integrations with GitHub, Jira, etc. so I could never have to launch it and forget about time tracking entirely. If you are still filling timesheets by hand, try Sandtime instead. You won’t regret that :) I invoice my clients on an hourly basis. Sandtime keeps a record of tracked time (along with information on which projects I worked on) and helps me to prepare accurate invoices. I spent way less time having to ever think about time tracking. I no longer have to fill Excel-based timesheets by hand!
User in Program Development, 2020-11-26
Easy to learn time tracker
It is quite easy to start and stop tracking of working time, so the activities I do daily. I can do it quickly from a browser or a desktop application. Another advantage manifests itself at the end of the month when I have to sum up the entire month of work. Thanks to the reports that I can freely configure, collecting the data necessary to issue an invoice is very easy and fast: I just display the appropriate report and that’s it. I think the mobile version of the application could be more polished especially in complex views like timesheets and reports. Thanks to the notifications sent, it is easier for me to control my working time, and thanks to the reports, I can issue monthly invoices more efficiently.
Krystian B., 2020-11-13
Great tracker for project time
The time tracker, which I always turn on with a browser extension before starting work. Cool feature. All I need to do is select a project and click on the start button. At the end of the work, I click on the stop, and it’s ready. It’s so simple. The timesheets are filling automatically, and my boss has up-to-date information in his reports. I cannot think of anything that I dislike about because it is easy to use and offers everything that I need. I recommend to everyone who wants to better control their time. At work, I work on various projects. Using, I know exactly how much time I have spent with each of them. It allows me to control my work better.
Łukasz S., 2020-11-06
Time tracking app designed for managers
It’s simple but powerful. I like the most timesheets and reports. Both functionalities show me where we are with our business. There is nothing what I dislike. From my managerial point of view it is fair enough to handle daily routine. Seeing the effectiveness of my teams. Transparency of current state of software development.

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